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Specialty Services

Dr. Stevens Jackson offers the following specialty services at Gynoecium Health:

Naturopathic Oncology optimizes your physiological function as you undergo conventional cancer treatment. Natural therapies enhance the efficacy of conventional treatments, reduce treatment-related side effects, and manage cancer-related symptoms to improve your well-being and treatment outcomes. After cancer treatment, naturopathic care supports natural detoxification while providing ongoing care for your other health concerns. Cancer Prevention Programs are available to all patients.

Healthy Breasts Naturally is a five-session seminar that focuses on breast health. You will learn to perform self-breast exams, identify appropriate foods and personal care products for optimal breast health, and learn how emotions and immune function affect your breast health. Dates for Healthy Breasts Naturally seminars are posted regularly. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a Healthy Breasts Naturally seminar.

Natural Medicine PARQ Consult is a discussion focused on procedure(s), alternative(s), risk(s), and question(s) associated with a healthcare plan. When you inquire about natural alternatives to conventional therapies, Dr. Stevens Jackson discusses your desires, the appropriateness of the recommended interventions, and the associated risks, ensuring time to address your questions or concerns about the information provided.

Conventional Medicine Education and Referrals are provided if, upon clinical assessment, Dr. Stevens Jackson determines that medical intervention is needed as part of the therapeutic order. You will receive information about the necessary medical intervention and a referral to the appropriate healthcare provider.

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